Feb 1, 2011

DPS assignment - Still Life: Food

Time to submit my assignment again.
This round is about food... my favorite.
I've tried out both lenses and it was difficult to decide which picture to be submitted.
Due to I don't have nice background settings, I was forced to choose the picture with black background.

I've posted/shared the 1st picture (below) and the rest are my other shots.

f/3.2  1/30 sec  ISO-400 Exp 0  50 mm

f/5  1/100 sec  ISO-1600 Exp 0  46 mm

f/5.6  1/40 sec  ISO-1600 Exp 0  85 mm

f/6.3  1/80 sec  ISO-1600 Exp 0  31 mm
f/4  1/6 sec  ISO-125 Exp 0  50 mm

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