Jan 9, 2011

Goal Setting

My goal: To take lots of pictures, have fun, and continue to take even more pictures (better pictures of course) within one year time.

Current equipments:
  1. Canon EOS 60D & EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens
  2. Canon Powershot S95
Project themes (tentatively):
My 52 weeks project themes include the followings:
  • 5 portraits - human, animal, plants etc...
  • 5 landscapes/scenaries - sunset, sunrise, foggy day, dawn etc...
  • 5 A to Z - cloud formation, snow, building etc...
  • 5 Pick-A-Something/Puzzles - bits and pieces of puzzles of a theme
  • 3 Events - Festival celebration, performance/concerts etc...
  • 3 Mono - black and white artistic pictures
  • 5 actions 
  • 3 colours/patterns/motives
  • 5 food and drinks 
  • 5 Photowalks (groupwork) - cities, backalleys
  • 3 Scavenger hunts (groupwork) - list of things to photograph based on a theme
  • 4-5 Misc or TBD

I'll try to update this blog in weekly basis, let's say Sunday night, to summarize what I've learnt or problem I've encountered. A new theme will be decided a week before. If you are interested to join me, or provide me some tips, you are most welcome to link your blog, or post/comment your comments here. :)

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