Jan 27, 2011

Light Painting

More "Bulb" tricks again? You bet!
Light painting is very fun although we are no artists and not sure how fast/slow to wave around the torch light.
This is one of the cool light paintings I like.

What we've learnt so far:
  1. We are NOT artistic at all.
  2. I waved faster, cover smaller area and the showed a big clump of light.
  3. Magnus waved slower, covered bigger area and the pattern seemed to be quite cool.
  4. With longer exposure time, you can draw more but picture becomes brighter.

f/4   3.2sec   ISO-100  Exp 0   18mm

f/3.5   8 sec   ISO-100  Exp 0   15mm

f/4   8 sec   ISO-100  Exp 0   21mm

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