Mar 9, 2011

Little airport misery...

Life is miserable when you can't have it all!

Sorry Mr.Rodney!
I just can't afford you (£1652.15 after discount) and can't even carry you (6 ft tall) home.

Free alcohol samples and cocktails everywhere...
Wish I could taste them all without getting drunk
See what I mean...
Just the tequila counter itself, you can taste all 4 types of tequila and that tray full of mixed drinks/cocktail.
Beautiful object never comes cheap...
Unless you can be easily persuaded by a few nice cocktails and the salesman's sweet-talk
BTW, the fresh strawberry, vodka, lemon and vanilla cocktail was absolutely delicious!
According to the salesman, the trick is to freeze the vodka and use fresh strawberry.
Damn! what a sucker I am! Fall for beautiful object and sweet-talk. Hahahhaha!

Ohhh you must be kidding me!!!
Steak knife please!!!
"Sorry ma'am! That's the knife we use here in the airport."

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