Mar 29, 2011

Pigeons and crow in the park

Knowing my limitation (not having a telezoom lens), I gave my 50mm lens a "fair" chance to take some birds pictures in the park. Oh well... the result is not impressive, as expected, 50mm lens is not a zoom lens. Furthermore, faster shutter speed = smaller aperture value (f/stop) = harder to focus = I have to react fast... etc... etc...

Here are a few shots of some pigeons and crow. Some of them are a little blurry.
What the heck... this is my 1st attempt and I will keep trying. :)

I kinda like the motion blur

Guess I managed to press the pigeon's  "pause" button. :)

Too bad it is blurred, otherwise it is kinda cool.

Blurrrrrrrr!!!! I wanted to capture this perfect landing pose so much . *sigh*

Too bad! It's blurred again! :(

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