Apr 4, 2011

Morning in the garden

It rained the night before and it was a little gloomy during the day. 
Somehow I was so fascinated to photograph in my mother-in-law's garden.
I always find something to photograph... :)

Beautiful soaking wet snowdrops indicating spring has arrived.

Almost decayed... but absolutely gorgeous!

Found these extremely tiny water drops from the twigs very interesting.

Not sure what plant this is... but looks very cool on the rock.

This one grows on the tree branch... Almost look like wakame seaweed. :)

I also found this big leaf very interesting... too bad... didn't manage to capture all the details in the leaf

This one reminds me of a one of the episode in a tv-series (The Haven) I watched few days ago, where the food became rotten

Beautiful color... can't wait till these crocuses bloom.

Snowdrop looks so fragile yet so tough at the same time. *Salute*

My sister-in-law was very kind to let us tried out her telezoom lenses (70-200mm and 400mm).
Here are some small bird pictures (not taken by me):

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