Apr 1, 2011

Psychedelic water drops

In my dark computer room... I've discovered something fun.
For this round of macro, long exposure time and bulb practice, I have my ISO set to 100, f-stop for f/11 for most of the pictures although I have f-stop value like f/22 or even f/32 (didn't look good at f/32). As for shutter opened time, the best effect I got is around 5-6 sec (slightly dark but pretty mysterious feeling). As for 8 to 10 seconds, the pictures got brighter and most of the time a little blurry due to I have to hold on to the button (I know... I need a remote control.... still waiting for it to arrive).

Very interesting results! Totally caught me by surprise! :)

FYI, I didn't taste any yellow mushroom... or smoked any pot before I took these pictures.

Was trying to capture so many things within this big water drop

Just love the colors!

This one caught me by surprise... was supposed to take a real close-up but ended up with a FLATTEN water drop effect... Absolutely fabulous!

Love how one single light source being reflected in many directions and colors! Gorgeous!

Oooo... this one looks like lots of UFOs... :)  Love the reflections!

Setting: A DVD disc, a plate, water spray, strong light bulb ( I was only using my table lamp with a 60W light bulb)

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