Jun 17, 2011

Water droplets (2nd attempt)

Here is my 2nd attempt... 1st attempt was done together with my husband.

This round I've decided to shoot a video (SOOC... actually one shoot... lucky me) instead of a series of water droplets pictures. Although it might not be 100% focus but mission accomplished.
Note: Slow motion might be better (beware of low quality video and funny background sound)

As usual, I couldn't help meself but to snap a "few" shots *ahhheeeeemmmm... a few?!?* just kidding... :)
Here are two of my favorites:
A drop of water happened to drop on top of the rising droplet... very cool "bursting effect"
For a moment... I thought I have a high speed camera... hehehehe!

Beautiful water crown even from the smallest drop of water... just amazing!

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