Jun 2, 2011

Zoom Photography - Tree

Inspired by the Tiger at Chester zoo picture and some good tips from a kind lady, here are a few shots of the tree in front of my balcony. :) The trick is simple, all you need is a zoom lens, set shutter speed between (1/8 sec to 0.3 sec depending how still you can hold your camera). Another method is set your aperture to a high f/stop i.e. f/20 and above, then the shutter speed will be automatically set. Zoom in or out while clicking on the shutter button while shooting.

Zooming out: f/20  1/8sec ISO-100 Exp-0

Zooming in: f/22 1/3sec ISO-100 Exp-0
Actually this is my very first shot of the tree... noticed that the lines were a little wavy due to I didn't hold my camera still

I kinda like this effect

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