Jul 2, 2011

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier Concert at Ullevi

The concert didn't start until 9:15pm but it was worth the wait.
We were entertained by the world class performance, very talented artists, especially the energetic lead singer Bruce Dickinson, guitarists Steve Harris, Steve Harris and the whole band. The crowds went wild and rocked along during the performance.

Once in a while, my right ear heard some buzzing sound since I sat closer to the speaker. The overall sound system was quite good although it was not perfect. The most important thing is... it didn't hurt my ears. :)
Great performance and it has been a good experience for me. Now I can check off my To do list - attend a big scale heavy metal concert. Yeah!

Iron Maiden's video clips from the concert:
Pictures taken using my Powershot S95:
We sat here

56245 audience! Big crowd!

Sound technician at work! Very cool!

They started to sing "Fear of the dark" before it was completely dark. Hmmmm....

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