Aug 21, 2011

Day and night along Singapore River

We've decided to stay at Robinson Quay (along Singapore River) so that we have easy access to Clarke Quay and city center within walking distance. Singapore is a very safe country and we have spent a few nights walking around town even after midnight. Here are some pictures around the area.
Good morning Singapore! Looks like it's going to rain?
Beautiful view along Singapore river

This end looks much better

Alkaff bridge aka Singapore's ArtBridge, a pedestrian bridge

This is how they keep Singapore clean! Salute and applaud!

Clarke Quay at night
I always enjoy eating dinner along the river side everytime I was in town.
This was the 1st time I didn't do so. :(

Beautiful fountain in Clarke Quay

Beautiful Riverside Points, opposite to Clarke Quay

This "Extreme Swing" looks really awesome (can see it swinging in the air from far).
Unfortunately it costs SGD45 for a few minutes ride. So, we didn't do it. :(

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