Aug 19, 2011

East Coast Park

Spending a lovely afternoon with my dearest friends in Singapore largest park, cycling/pedaling around East Coast Park. It was really fun to be able to just sit on a 4-wheel bike, relaxing and pedaling when we wished, while having the most wonderful conversation... catching up with each other's lives.
The park is very beautiful.

I enjoy every single minute with my old friends and the cooling breeze from the sea while pedaling. :)
After the ride, we bought some chili crab from Jumbo restaurant and went back to my friend's place.
Surprise! There were 9 more dishes waiting for us to taste when we reached there. Yuuuuummmm!
We had a blast... catching up and having lots of fun.

I wish we could meet more often. I miss them already!

More pictures of East Coast Park:
Wow! So many to choose from... which one shall we take?
Me: "Hmmm... I haven't ridden a bike since I was in college... maybe not such a good idea"

This is our luxury 4-wheel bike... let's start biking... mmm.. you mean pedaling?! Hahahhha!

Bedok jetty is one of the favorite spot for people who likes to bike, fish or photograph.

This park is huge... 15 km trail to ride your bike or jog.
It looked like there was a marathon when we were there.

As long as you can find a spot... you can fish about anywhere I guess

Magnificent view! Lots of big ships all over.
Wish I have a wide angle lens to capture this view

Best chili crab I've ever eaten in Singapore!
Absolutely recommended!

Lots of dragon balls trees in the park

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