Aug 14, 2011

Iggy's copycat - From the garden

I have the tendency to "try and replicate" or to cook a dish I like after I've eaten it at a restaurant. 
This round, I'm taking the challenge to cook a few gourmet dishes I've eaten at Iggy's (world #27 best restaurant) during the summer. 

Here is my 1st attempt of "From the garden" containing of black bean paste, organic seeds, fresh vegetables and nuts. I call my version "From Gittan's garden" since all my organic vegetables are from her garden. :)

I've used about 30 ingredients (not all ingredients were shown in this picture)

Although the black bean paste doesn't look as gorgeous as the original, but it tasted quite similar.
I just love the freshness of the vegetables... Delicious!

Original dish with 31 ingredients

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