Aug 18, 2011


First time in my life dining in a gourmet restaurant and Iggy's (Rank # 27 in The S.Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants 2011) has done a very good job.
It was a very pleasurable experience dining in an exclusive environment.
Although the plating might not be so stunning, but the tasting, discovering and savoring the food in a very special way was the most enjoyable moment or experience for me.

I'm impressed by how creative and innovative they are!
Iggy's has inspired me! :)

Sorry for the bad pictures! No flash was allowed and it was very dark in the restaurant.
Here are some of the dishes:

Love how the maräng melted in my mouth... very nice!

Smoke eel mousse with caviar,  yuzu sauce and silver
Avocado ice cream served with crab "ceviche" and fish roe

From the garden (organic seeds, leaves and blossoms)

Free range egg with poultry juice and different types of mushrooms

Grilled Wagyu flank with pink garlic cream, brussel sprouts and ash
I've now learnt that we can eat ashes... interesting!

Abalone flavoured cooked Californian koshihikari rice with winter black truffle

Epoisses (French cheese) with Yukon gold potato and winter black truffle

Peach served in many different forms, with thyme, verjus and fizzy
Coconut parfait with passion fruit, gele, banana ice cream and white chocolate

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We and Iggy's chefs


  1. Wow, did you eat all of that?

  2. Yup! Ate them all plus a few dishes that I didn't show... hehehe!