Aug 20, 2011

Sentosa Island

We spent and enjoyed a marvelous day in Sentosa Island (a famous island resort in Singapore).
Glad that it was a weekday and no queue in any roller coaster ride, movies, theatre and even in the restroom and restaurant! Cool!

Next stop Universal Studio and Forum.

Sorry for some bad quality pictures, the weather was hazy and most of the pictures were taken from inside the cable car.
Beautiful Mount Faber, our starting point

I see Sentosa Island infront of me. Cool!

Are we there yet? No... only stop #2

East coast is a very busy harbour

Left: Sentosa Island, Right: Marina/Singapore Island

Lots of constructions still going on

Heritage house. Very typical Singapore architecture for about 40-50 years ago

This is a much bigger Merlion compared to the original one

If you don't feel like walking... monorail is another option

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  1. Fascinating stuff, Siew. It's always interesting to see photos showing life and places from other parts of the world.

    That's an impressive array of cranes in the harbour!