Sep 28, 2011

Aroniabär/Black Chokeberry

The aronia berry (also known as the choke berry or the Black Chokeberry (Aronia melancarpa/Aronia melanocarpa)), a close cousin of the blueberry, is known for its powerful antioxidant properties and benefits of those properties. They are dark pigmented berries that are extremely high in antioxidants. Higher than blueberries, higher than cranberries, higher, even, than pomegranates. Although native to the Americas, it is far more popular in Eastern Europe where its juice has been known to help people with heart conditions.
It has high levels of proanthocyanins and quinic acid (ten times more than cranberries). Quinic acid prevents urinary infection.

I've decided to harvest the berries and make some aronia berry juice before the birds finish eating them from my tree. I love antioxidant berries! Nice!

Hur nyttigt Aroniabäret är?

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  1. This is not aronia. It is elders or elder berry. Fläder in Swedish.