Dec 12, 2011

Project candle

My first try to transfer an image to a candle.

All you need:
  1. Tissue paper (thin piece of paper the store used to wrap glassware)
  2. Wax paper or baking sheet
  3. Glue and tape
  4. Printer paper and printer / rubber stamp and inkpad / permanent marker
  5. Hair dryer or industrial heat pistol
  6. A candle

What's next?
  1. Glue or tape tissue paper on a normal A4 paper (ensure the smooth side on top).
  2. Print image using your printer.
  3. Cut out the image.
  4. Place image on a candle (apply very little glue or adhesive if necessary).
  5. Cover image with wax paper and wrap the candle tightly (no rough surface).
  6. Apply heat from hair dryer to melt the wax from wax paper to glue (or so called "transfer") image onto the candle. You will see a transparent layer once the wax is melted.
    Note: Be careful! VERY WARM!!!
  7. Slowly peel off or remove wax paper from candle. Voilà!!!

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