Dec 2, 2011

Smoke abstract and setup (Attempt #1)

Smoke photography is one of the must learn technics in my todo list.
Unfortunately I'm allergic to smoke and do not have any joss stick or incense at home.
As an alternative, I used my candle (highly not recommended... too tedious).

Another mistake I made... didn't use tripod (bad habit I know) and way too high ISO (just found out that ISO was set to Auto... in a dark room... almost 3200... oppps!).

Lesson learnt and I know exactly what to do next round.
Here are my so called smoke abstract. :)

Decided to apply "gradient" in photoshop to make this an abstract

Too high ISO + no tripod = lots of noise

SETUP: I only have one light source, by right I need two (one on the left and another one flash gun on the right)
Tutorial see here.

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