Dec 19, 2011

Surströmming/Soured Baltic Herrings

Eating surströmming a week before Christmas sounds ridiculous but my husband pointed it out to me that we actually had some friends over last year and we ate some herrings.
Quite an experience for all of us. :)
Come to think about it, we actually have a one-year old can of fish in our fridge. Why not?
The tricky part is "how" to open this can without any unpleasant surprise,
i.e., stinking fermented liquid splashed all over your dress or face.
Note: To open this can = To release a stink bomb

You can eat the herring's fillets with tunnbröd (thin bread), almond potato, red onion and mesost (brown Scandinavian whey cheese).
Nevertheless, a few glasses of snaps and cold beer will go very well with this dish.

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