Mar 21, 2012

Light Painting 2 - Painting object with torch light

DPS Assignment:  "Lighting: One Light (Artificial)"
There are so many ways to create/use artificial lighting and this round I am trying to paint an object in a dark by using a torch light.

Light painting photography - painting objects: Tutorial

How I did the following shots:
  • Settings: A table with black surface, a cheap torch light, tripod, remote control for the camera and the object(s) 
  • Camera settings: Bulb mode, f-stop 22 or higher, ISO-100, Exp 0 or lower... I've even tried Exp -3 and it worked well
  • Execution: Start shooting a long exposure by triggering the camera with the remote control. Paint around the object and shine longer at the places you wish to focus on or be brighter.
  • Try a few shots, shine/wave torch light from different angles (top, bottom, side etc) and try different time. You will be surprised! :)
Note: Both pictures are SOOC
You can even see a little light painting (little swirl) on the top right of the bottle.
Maybe that's what how I was waving the torch light that way at that time
This is 13 seconds long exposure with more emphasis in front

50mm lens     f/22      ISO 100      11 sec      Exp 0
I am submitting this picture for this week's DPS assignment

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  1. Both pictures are superb. I love the 1st one that is a class.