Apr 18, 2011


Finally a clear sky and full moon!
Again... knowing my limitation (no telephoto lens), I've taken the following shots with my macro lens since 100mm is the longest focal length I have.

Note that the pictures were taken with underexposure (EV -3 to -5) and here are the results:
f/8  1/250sec ISO-100 Exp -5  100mm


  1. Nice! :)
    Very nice I wish I could take pictures of the moon too..Maybe one day soon!

  2. Well... tomorrow will still be full moon and you have a telephoto lens... go take a few shots! :)

  3. Nice moon pics. :) I agree that 100 mm is a bit short for a close-up of the moon. I have 200 mm, but I think that is not quite enough either.

    If you want more of a challenge, try to take photos of the moon together with other things. And then you can show them in my photo challenge for May. ;)