Apr 17, 2011


My 1st real HDR.
It was very bright and the shots were taken handheld ( I know... should use a tripod), with "Manual", "AEB" (+/- 2 EV), set timmer to "2 sec" and it shot 3 continuous shots by itself while I held it still.
As for processing (after merging HDR images), I did some HDR toning in CS5 (Image Adjustment --> HDR Toning --> Surrealistic) and here is the result.

Personally, I like the bricks on the wall. The overall picture looks ok, but no "WOW" feeling.
I feel that this picture can be further processed by reducing more noise (i.e. the light blue panel), and maybe not too much saturation. This can go on and on... and I am lack of patience.
BTW, here is the tutorial site I visited: SecondPicture.com.

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