Aug 23, 2011

圆坟 - Completion of the grave

圆坟 - "completion of the grave" or "circling or go around the grave" (literately translated) is the last or round up ceremony in a Chinese funeral. My grandma passed away three months ago and I've basically missed every single ceremony held back home. We were honored to be there for this last ceremony, where I could finally see my grandparents grave, and got a chance to say my farewell in my own way. Very sad, but a great relief and closure for me.

This is the ceremony where all family members gather around at the grave, praying, and burning some joss sticks and paper money, as offerings by the family or descendants (i.e. sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters etc...) to the deceased. After paying our respects, we ensured everything was in placed and the grave looked well-taken care of, the funeral is finally over.

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  1. Your post makes a fitting tribute and also provides some interesting cultural notes. Very sorry for you loss.

    With best wishes,