Aug 25, 2011

Snorkeling in Phi-Phi Island

Our plan was first to snorkel around Phi-Phi island, followed by scuba diving at the same place later.
Unfortunately the snorkeling trip was a total disappointment for us since there weren't much snorkeling or swimming going on, but lots of "sight-seeing" and "we gotta leave soon due to high tide" all kind of bull shit.

There were many tourists every place we went to. To begin with, it was almost impossible to find a place to park/dock on the shore. What my boat captain did was... "Incoming boat, excuse us!" and slotted the boat in between two boats that parked very closely to each other.

Although the beaches and the caves were so beautiful, lovely crystal clear and warm water as well, somehow, with just 15 minutes (instead of 40 minutes) time we got to spend in the water at Maya Bay, sight seeing at Loh Samah Bay, Viking cave, watching 50 over people trying to feed a few overweight/overfed monkeys from the boat, that was really not fun.

The worst part was, at 3pm, they left us at Khai Island, an open island in the middle of no where, for about 1½ hours. If you need water or beer, you have to pay... if you need a chair and a parasol, its going to cost you a lot of money. *Faint* We have decided NOT to pay for anything but to swim around the island. After one hour, we were totally sunburnt!

The story gets better... Before we reached the marina quay, our tour guide even went around with his "tip box", hoping everyone would tip him some money. Helllooooo... I want my money back instead... can I?

To comfort ourselves after this disappointed trip, we went to Sea Hag restaurant for a fantastic grilled fish dinner. Awesome! Highly recommended! A happy ending after all... :)
BTW, our scuba diving trip was fantastic! Much much nicer than this snorkeling trip!
Towards Maya Bay on Phi Phi Leh

Departing from Asia Marina

You must have a fin... watch out for sea urchins.
Glad that we brought our own fins

Which boat are we taking? So many of them at the quay

Gorgeous Maya Bay... with lots of tourists of course

Where to park?

Beautiful Loh Samah Bay

Is getting high-tide... might be strong wind... we have to leave now... Really?!?!

Sightseeing just outside Viking Cave... are you kidding me?

Approaching the famous Monkey Beach

Do you think they even need food? They need to go on a diet instead!

I really do not enjoy snorkeling trip like this! :(

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