Aug 16, 2011

Scuba diving at Phi Phi Island

After a 6 years break, we've decided to give it a try to dive again.
I was very nervous the night before, imaging all the worse things could have happen  to me.
Phi Phi island is so beautiful, warm crystal clear water and magnificent vista.
With the beautiful scenary and  all the happy divers around, I got distracted and forgotten about all fears I had before.

We had three wonderful dives at Koh Bida Nok, big rock outside Loh Samah Bay, and Koh Doc Mai (Flower island). With excellent and very clear visibility (clear even at 16-20m depth), we saw lots of colorful fishes, seahorses, soft corals, shark, turtles, morays etc...
The best dive was somewhere near Loh Samah Bay, where we swam between two narrow cliffs, both sides were full of soft white corals, small fishes... almost like what we usually watch in Discovery Channel.  So beautiful!

I enjoyed all three wonderful dives and I had a blast! Can't wait for my next dive... wheeee!
On the other hand, our snorkeling trip was a total disappointment. :(
Getting ready for the dive. There were about 20 divers for this trip

Everyone is paying attention to their dive master's instruction.
I really appreciate a small group, 1 dive master to 2 divers. Excellent!

Are we there yet? Noppppeee.... almost 2 hours boat ride (sloooooow)

Koh Bida Nok is our first dive's location, the island on the right

I enjoy the actual "dive" and the "after dive"... so nice just to float around on the surface while waiting for our pick-up.
Yuupppp! Very spoiled! No need to swim back to the boat.
All you have to do is, hiss a flag and the boat will come to you. Yeah! My kind of diving! :)

Who can say no to this warm (at least 25 Celcius) and crystal clear water?

Current was strong here on our 3rd dive... we just followed the flow...
Wusssspppss! What was that? Oh... I just missed a sea horse.. Heeee hehehehhe!

Peaceful and gorgeous Loh Samah Bay
Imagine this place,  full of BOATS during snorkling time... Been there, done that and will NEVER do it again!
Group 1's diver already jumped into the water while I was still taking pictures from the boat

Another group with smaller boat

Our instructor Edie
A long jetty. Glad that our bus took us all the way to the end of the jetty!