Aug 23, 2011

Fisherman village and river front in Kemaman

This fish market (on the left) is my mom's favorite.
Every time when we were here, dad and kids would go straight to the sea and mom would shop till she dropped for seafood. She and my aunts did the same during this visit. :)
Sadly, this place does not look the same as it used to be.
Over the years, flooding and big waves have destroyed the beach and the nearby area/village.
To solve this problem, the easiest solution is to pile up lots of rocks infront of the beach to "try to" block the water. SAD! Is it working? I don't know...  SAD!

Something still remains the same - there are always goats and sometimes monkeys.

Flying kite is also one of our favorite beach activities.
This kite belongs to my nephew.

Kemaman river front

Kemaman river

One-eye cat.  Poor thing!

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