Aug 23, 2011

Kemasik Beach

Kemasik Beach (Pantai Kemasik in Malay) is one of the many beautiful beaches in Trengganu, Malaysia. It is  a serene place whereby there is no mud sediments in this beach due to the structure and formation of natural stones that stand out from the South China Sea.

This is my dad's childhood place where he spent a lot of time swimming and fishing when he was young... or even when I was young. I've also swum and fished here together with my dad, siblings and cousins every time we came to visit our grandparents.

"Careful now! On the right side of the rock, the water is very deep!"
"Come take a look! This corner here... lot's of parrot fishes!"
"Around the other end, you can find oysters, but do not jump in and swim ok!"
"Now let's start the sand digging composition... then see who can be the 1st one who reaches that rock at the end of the beach."
All my wonderful childhood memories started to appear infront of me. What a delightful feelings!

The beach looks a little different nowadays compared to what I used to remember. It was more beautiful then. Somehow, it was really nice just to be able to come back here... enjoy the sea, the sun, the breeze... and a whole lot of memories!
These are the only few pictures I managed to take due to my camera stopped working after my first 5 shots. Too humid here!
Took about about an hour before it worked again. Well! At least I get to enjoy the nature a little more this way.

Soft sandy beach... warm water... beautiful view... what can I ask for more?

Glad that I have my Powershot S95 with me too... :)

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