Aug 16, 2011

Jesselton Point

We were not feeling so well due to the extremely hot weather in Sabah.
No luck for diving but somehow we managed to go to one of the nearby islands - Pulau Sapi for a quick swim. In order to go to the island, we have to take a ferry from Jesselton Point's jetty.

Pulau Sapi is one of the islands in the T.A.R Marine Park and according to the law,  we have to pay tax and special fees in order to swim there. The charges of the fees and taxes were very strange where I (a Malaysian) only needed to pay MYR 3 but my husband (a foreigner) had to pay MYR 10. This happened also in the orangutan's center where I paid MYR 10 while he paid MYR 65. Very unfair!!!

Here are a few shots at the beautiful Jesselton Point's jetty. More pictures:
  • Kota Kinabalu town center's pictures see here
  • Pulau Sapi's pictures see here

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