Aug 17, 2011

Pulau Sapi

After a 25 minutes boat ride (extra 8 minutes for a lady to run to the jetty to pick up her batik and another 2 minutes for our boat captain to pick up my husband's hat from the sea), we finally made it to this gorgeous sandy beach -  Sapi island.

It was very very warm (at least 34 degrees Celcius)  and we just couldn't wait to jump into the water to cool down a little. After swimming a while, my husband pointed out that there were fishes biting him all over. Oooo... strange... I swam next to him and nothing happened.

After a few attacks, he decided to rest on the beach while I continued to swim.
Ouuuucccchhh! OK! Now I understand what he meant by "a bite"... The fish was not tiny at all.
I swam away and tried to keep swimming all the time to avoid being beaten by the fishes.
It took just about 15 minutes before I got tired of swimming this way... no fun!

When I got back to the beach, I noticed that there were signs all over the beach warning people to be careful of the fishes and deep water. Hahahahahhahaha! Our own fault... never read the signs! :)

Anyhow, it was a beautiful day and we love this place.
Would definitely try to dive in Sabah next time.

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Love the color of the water... and the thickness of the jungles/trees on the island.
Very different feelings compared to Phuket.

This island is so beautiful!

We were warned by BIG signs!!!

Lots of people swimming here
Ohhh... someone's teddybear fell into the water... :(