Aug 22, 2011

Pasar Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the most colorful period in Malaysia and also the best time for tourists to travel to Malaysia to witness amazing Malay culture at its best because the bazaar Ramadan in Malaysia is one of the best in Asia. As the fasting month begins, you can find stalls and bazaars, mushrooming all around different parts of Malaysia which showcases a variety of delicious fare for Muslims to break their fast (buka puasa). This is the best time to try out the authentic Malay delights and watch traditional Malay cooking demonstrations.

It was Ramadan (fasting month) when I visited Machang, Kelantan in Malaysia.
I had a blast going to the pasar ramadan or bazaar Ramadan with my cousins.
Very delicious food! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuum!

Before breaking fast... let's buy lots of food home

He saw me taking pictures and quickly demo'ed how he finished his last step before serving the grilled fish! Nice

Garnesh with pink banana flower... smells so good!

A little creepy looking catfishes... but I believe they tasted good

Wrapped and Fried hamburger... interesting
Wish I wasn't that full that day, otherwise I would have tried one. :)

Fried potatoes... almost like chips... yuuummm

Grilled beef... almost like satay, but MUCH bigger chunks of meat

Oooooo... they look deliciousssss... *drooling*
Well... that guy sitting behind sure agreed with me. :)

This is not a fruit.. is a dessert. :)

This local guy claimed that I've taken many pictures from his store except him. So, I took a picture of him too. :)

Yeah! That's how they cook curry.. in a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG pot

Delicious sallad with beansprout, carrot, cucumber, papaya, peanut, and chili.

Mmmm... squid

Not just food... they sold balloons there too

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  1. What a terrific abstract shot of the dessert! Marvellous shapes and sumptuous colours.